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Fiddlers Green (logo)

Tyson has played over 850 gigs in Fiddlers Green since he began playing there in 2007.


I first began working with Tyson in 2010. In my capacity as bar manager at Fiddlers Green Irish Bar, I have the pleasure to not only count Tyson as a workmate, but also as a close friend and confidant.


When it comes to the quality of his music, performance and character, he is second to none. He has been a weekly resident at Fiddlers Green since June 2010, and since March 2011, he has been a resident musician twice a week (such is the demand of his regular listeners).


Tyson has an extensive repertoire and musical knowledge and is always happy to fulfil requests for the regulars and staff, both of whom he has a relationship with. I've even seen Tyson learning songs on his break, just to to fulfil a request during his next set.


He has always been very accommodating to work with and has often played at short notice when other acts have cancelled. His dedication to his craft and his professionalism are unquestionable.


Tyson's honesty, openness and attitude make him an absolute pleasure to work with. He is both a consummate professional and a true friend.


Manager (Bar & Restaurant)

Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performances: 2007 - 2018

Fisherman's Wharf (logo)


I have personally and professionally known Tyson Faulkner for 14 years. Tyson has worked as a musician in all of the venues I have worked in on the Gold Coast.


These venues include Gilhooleys, Fishermans Wharf, Broadbeach Tavern and the Lonestar Tavern. During this time I have witnessed Tyson grow into a mature and professional musician. Tyson is very well known throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane music industry.

As my career progressed into venue management, I made sure Tyson was employed in the venues I was working. I employed Tyson due to his quality as a musician, reliability, constant inclusion of my patrons in his set and importantly to me, his ability to take reasonable direct from management.

Tyson has at all times treated patrons with kindness and respect. I have always treated Tyson as an employee due to the fact he was being paid by the venue and was a reflection of it. I held the same professional expectations of Tyson as I did of all of my staff.

I have always been extremely impressed with Tyson’s ability to defused potential incidents with a smile and showing patrons respect. I have no hesitation in recommending Tyson Faulkner to any venue (of professional standing within the industry) that expects professional standards from the musicians they employ.


Numerous venues

Gold Coast, Queensland
Performances: 2004 - 2012

Gilhooley's (logo)


I have had the pleasure of knowing Tyson Faulkner since his first performance at Gilhooleys in 2004. Tyson performed at Gilhooleys on a regular basis until the venue sold in 2007.

Over that three year period, I received excellent feedback from our patrons and staff regarding his performances.


He was always professional, entertaining, engaging and positive. He had the ability to perform towards the intimate crowds as a soloist on Wednesday and Sunday Nights, yet also cater for the larger, younger and louder crowds on Fridays with his duo.

Due to his professionalism, talent and demand, I ensured in advance that Tyson performed on our largest trading days/events, including St Patrick's Day, Indy Week, Schoolies Week, Australia Day, Christmas Eve and Public Holidays. He always impressed.

Due to Tyson's success at our Surfers Paradise venue, I also recommended him to other Gilhooleys Irish Pubs, Restaurants & Taverns. This led too successful ongoing performances at those venues as well. These venues included Gilhooleys Loganholme, Chermside, Albert St Brisbane and Downtown Brisbane.

Tyson performed over 200 times at our 5 different venues. I would highly recommend Tyson as a musician for your venue or client. He won’t disappoint.

Manager (Venue)

Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performances: 2004 - 2007

Lansdowne Road Tavern (logo)


Know affectionately at the Lansdowne Road Tavern as the Human Jukebox, Tyson Faulkner is one of the few who truly lives up to his moniker. Tyson performs a stunning rendition of everybody's favourite classics, combined with a unique blend of current hits.

Never in my years of running pubs have I seen a musician capable of such a diverse range of music, capable of performing on demand and intelligent enough to know just what the crowd wants and what the venue needs.


Tyson has been a staple in our entertainment roster for several years and has performed over 250 times at the Lansdowne Road Tavern. He was truly missed on the months we did not book him in time.

A true professional in every sense of the word with a business mind rivaled only by his wit and charm. Highly recommended.

Manager (Duty)

Lansdowne Road Tavern
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performances: 2007 - 2018

Grifftih University (logo)


Tyson Faulkner is a talented, authentic, punctual, professional and well organised musician. Since February 2006 he has cultivated a strong relationship with Griffith University and has performed over 125 times across all our campuses (Logan, Mt Gravatt, Nathan, South Bank and Gold Coast).

He is a true industry professional. Never has he missed a date, commitment or email throughout the duration of our working together. He always ensures his music selections fit perfectly to the target demographic, whether it was a Student Orientation Week Event, evening at the Uni Bar, or a playing at one of our large community events.

I have nothing but positive feedback from students and staff alike, I am always continually impressed with him. If you value working with someone with true integrity, we couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Event Coordinator

Griffith University
Nathan (all campuses) Queensland
Performances: 2006 - 2018

Concept Entertainment (logo)


As Managing Director of Concept Entertainment (booking agency), I found Tyson Faulkner to be a true professional. I always found him reliable, easy to work with and a very talented musician.

Tyson performed regularly at 14 different venues for us and we had every confidence in him as an Act. These venues included the Miami Tavern, Benowa Tavern, Burleigh Heads Hotel, Hamilton Hotel, Victory Hotel, New Market Hotel, Redland Bay Hotel, Wharf Tavern, CBX Hotel, Royal Exchange Hotel, Lonestar Tavern, Broadbeach Tavern, Captain Cook Tavern and Breakfast Creek Hotel.

In our office, he was called one of the real ones, and we had a great working relationship in the time we were working together.

Managing Director

Concept Entertainment
Gold Coast, Queensland
Performances: 2008 - 2012

Fiddlers Green (logo)


I have known Tyson Faulkner since I began working at Fiddlers Green Irish Bar as a duty manger in 2007. I hired Tyson for a weekly residence on Wednesday nights, beginning in 2011.


People come in on Wednesday nights just to hear Tyson. He creates a great atmosphere and knows how to please a crowd.


He has always maintained a professional and friendly manner. He takes request and hardly ever disappoints. Over the years I have heard a few people request songs that Tyson is not familiar with, his reply is always "come back next week and I’ll play it especially for you then" and sure enough they do.


To date Tyson has played over 850 gigs at Fiddlers Green and always gets has his audience dancing and singing all night.


Seldom in this industry will you find a reliable well mannered talented musician but Tyson is among the few who maintains a high level standard as an entertainer/musician.


I have known Tyson both as a college and friend for over 10 years and know him to be a reliable, professional, talented musician and above all else a genuine person with a big heart. 


Owner / Manager

Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performances: 2007 - 2018

Pete (photo)


I have known Tyson for nearly 10 years. We first met while I was on holiday in 2006. He was playing at Fiddlers Green Irish Bar & Restaurant in Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

I moved to the Gold Coast in 2010 and I have been a regular patron at Fiddlers Green ever since. Tyson plays there every Tuesday and Wednesday night. In 2015, I would have seen him approximately 90 times, including performances at the Lansdowne Road Tavern.


In my opinion he is a very professional musician, with great character and has the most extensive play list of anyone I’ve met.


I’ve been watching live music for 42 years on a weekly basis and I am 59 years old.

I would recommend Tyson to anyone, for any venue and for any occasion.


Motown Vinyl DJ
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performances: 2006 - 2018

Walrus Social House (logo)


Hey Tyson,

The biggest thanks to you for giving Mark and I (and the crowd) the best night!

We really appreciate that you came to play for us and although we didn't expect it to be quite so busy (it usually isn't there), I heard that it was your music that kept the crowd there.


We had a great night, thanks again. You rock.

Private Party


Walrus Social House

Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performance: 2012

Lansdown Road Tavern (logo)


Since 2007, Tyson Faulkner has been performing at the Lansdown Road Tavern. He has been a constant professional, showing up on time and always going above and beyond with his performances.

Tyson has played over 200 gigs at the venue and there's no reason that will stop. Tyson's interaction with the audience is second to none. He is constantly learning new songs and he's range of music is incredible.

As the Duty Manger of the Tavern for 8 years, I have nothing but great feedback from myself, staff and patrons. Tyson will always have a place to entertain people at the Lansdowne Road Tavern.

Manager (Duty)

Lansdowne Road Tavern
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performances: 2007 - 2017

Tara & Steve (photo)


Tyson was better than we could have ever imagined. We were so happy with our choice to have him as our Wedding Musician at Eve’s on the River on August 4th, 2012.

The range of songs he can perform is amazing, and his voice and music style suited our wedding perfectly. Tyson was such a pleasure to deal with and he looked after everything so we didn’t have to worry at all, which is a Bride's ideal vendor.

We have since recommended Tyson to all of our engaged family/friends and will continue to do so.

Tara & Steve
Bride & Groom

Eves on the River
Newstead, Queensland
Performance: 2012

Eagles Nest (logo)


I was seeking a solo vocalist and guitarist for my husband’s 40th Birthday party at the Eagle’s Nest function room at the Point Hotel Kangaroo Point in August 2014.

I chose Tyson based on his extensive song list which included many 80’s hits. I was after a live music vibe to play in the background but also get the crowd going as the night went on.

Tyson was diligent in finding out exactly what we wanted for the night and was professional in all aspects from booking through to performance. Tyson was polite and punctual, but most of all talented.

Private Booking

Eagles Nest
Brisbane, Queensland
Performance: 2014

Katie & Frankie (photo)


We stumbled across Tyson one night while he was playing at the Shaftston Hotel in Brisbane. We immediately resonated with his play list, his style and after a few drinks between sets, his down to earth personality.

We had been looking for entertainment for our upcoming wedding. We had to book this guy! However our wedding request wasn’t straight forward. We were getting hitched on an Island, who’s last departing ferry left during the reception. We put it to Tyson (if he took the job), he’d have to stay the night. As expected, this was no drama for the easy going and accommodating Tyson.

Tyson delivered a performance more than we ever hoped for. A night of amazing music and atmosphere. Tyson was obliging our ‘old school’ guests with all the songs they desired, including some bizarre requests. We never stopped dancing and singing along with all our favourites. 


There was no doubt that Tyson enjoyed the performance as much as we all did, as you can’t fake that kind of thing. Without music, there is no party. We had one amazing shindig. 


An amazing guitarist, vocalist and performer, he is the man. Do yourself a favour and experience Tyson Faulkner as soon as possible.

Katie & Frankie
Bride & Groom

Amity Point Community Club

North Stradbroke Island, Queensland
Performance: 2008

Bones (photo)


I have been a musician for 10 or so years. In this time I have been lucky enough to play some amazing gigs around the Gold Coast and Brisbane and meet some incredible people within the pub music scene. Lucky for me, Tyson Faulkner was one of them.

I have since moved away from the Gold Coast and my family for work. But honestly, the only reason I can think of going back, is to sit at one of the many venues Tyson plays at on the Goldie to enjoy a real musician play anything and everything I can request.

I have seen Tyson play in numerous establishments from Fiddlers Green, Lansdowne Road, Kitty O’Sheas, Shearers Arms Tavern, Helm Bar, Anglers arms, Royal Exchange Hotel and the Victory Hotel in Brisbane, just to name a few.

Tyson Faulkner is a consummate professional in all of his undertakings. He is committed to his work, empathetic to the customers, courteous to the staff, honest to the establishments and most of all, a friend to everyone.

If you are looking for a great night out, I highly recommend finding out where Tyson is playing and go and watch this tall attractive specimen belt out a tune by himself or with one of his many band mates. You basically can’t go wrong.

Patron / Lover of real music


Underwater World
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Performances: 2005 - 2018

Fiddlers Green (logo)


Tyson Faulkner is a talented, professional, friendly, punctual and well-organised musician.


Tyson first performed in Fiddlers Green on Friday May 20th 2007. Since then, he has successfully held a 7 year residency on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


Tyson is a crowd pleaser, who takes into account what the crowd would like to hear. Tyson will always start a song off with “any requests?" 

Numerous times I have witnessed patrons request a song unknown to Tyson, but he always promises to deliver it on the next set. On his break he will learn the chords and lyrics and perform it during his next set. 


Tyson has a massive fan base in Fiddlers Green, which just grows bigger and bigger each year. He has a great relationship with the local patrons.


I have worked in Fiddlers Green for more than 5 years and I am privileged I get to work with such a true, honest, talented musician (and lets not forget that amazing charm). 


I highly recommend him and I hope to work with him for many more years.

Manager (Events)

Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Performances: 2007 - 2018

Mortgage Choice (logo)


Tyson performed at our Mortgaga Choice Christmas party at Bin 12 in Burleigh Heads.

Our group of 60+ people thoroughly enjoyed the energy Tyson brought to the room. 


His uncanny ability to be able to play over thousands of titles is astounding. Very friendly and he took it upon himself to keep all party goers entertained. Great voice and excellent guitar skills.

We will have no hesitation in recommending him for future performances. 


Hope to see him in 2016 (if available).



Mortgage Choice
Bundall, Queensland
Performance: 2015

Krista & Chris (photo)


Hi Tyson,


We just wanted to follow up after our wedding to thank you again for doing such an amazing job for us. 


Everyone was raving about you and you really helped create the atmosphere we wanted for the day.  Everything went perfectly and we couldn't have hoped for a better day.


It ended up being a huge evening for us all and again, you helped set the scene for this. Thanks also for dealing with me being so over-the-top organised :-)

Thanks again.

Krista & Chris 
Bride & Groom

Manuka Beach Resort
Coffs Harbour, NSW
Performance: 2015

Susan & Paul (photo)


Hi Tyson,

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did playing at our wedding. We have had so many comments about how fantastic you were so I have definitely been recommending you.


Music is a major part of a wedding so to have you come and do such a brilliant job was a highlight of our wedding.


Your relaxed, calm and professional nature was just what we needed on our wedding day.


Thanks again Tyson and I hope I get to see you performing again sometime soon.


Susan & Paul

Bride & Groom


Lighthouse Restaurant
Cleveland Point, Queensland
Performance: 2015


Tyson was hired by the Student Representative Council at  Griffith University, Logan Campus on the 21st of October 2012. Tyson provided entertainment for an event on campus. 


I found his selection of music appropriate for the event, entertaining, and of excellent quality. I also found Tyson very friendly and professional.


I highly recommend Tyson's services to future clients seeking high quality entertainment and value for money.

Secretary, Student Representative Council


Griffith University
Logan, Queensland
Performance: 2012

Griffith University (logo)
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